Sunday, November 13, 2011

Breaking out of my shell

My First blog, and suprise! (or not) it's about sex. I feel the need to share my opinions with anyone intrested enough to read them. I've come to the realization that our country is deeply confliceted on our views on sexuality. Sex sells, yet no one wants to talk about it. It's all around us, yet ignored. I don't see the need to feel any shame when talking about and sharing my sexual self with others because I know that it is a healthy desire to want to be sexual with others. As long as there is respect, trust, honesty, and attraction sex is a wonder gift we have to express ourselves.
I'm a 28 year old woman who has been through akward teenage years, struggles with weight and self esteem, and struggles with my own sexual identity. I knew at an early age that I wasn't exactly like everyone else. It wasn't until high school that I found the source of that difference. When I met my now wife in homeroom, I was lost, confused, turned on, and terrified. But mostly turned on (LOL) So I liked girls, but I liked guys too, oh and those girls that walked the edge of looking like guys.... ummm well THAT is like my favorite candy:)) I didn't know what I was but I knew that whatever I was I was ME and people would just have to deal with that. I personally don't care what someone else says I should or should not do, because I'm going to do what I want. As long as there is HONESTY, RESPECT, TRUST, and ATTRACTION sex is a powerful gift that should be explored, enjoyed, and cherished. If each one of us was educated on safety, didn't treat the subject as if it was "taboo" and opened up clear lines of communication with those we would like to be sexually involved with I think we would see a reduction on new outbreaks of STD's and Teenage Pregnancies. I'd like to see women's sexuality treated with the respect it deserves, the words 'slut' and 'whore' eradicated from our vocabulary. I'd like to see a world where everyone is a sex positive and informed, and treats all thier partners with respect, and wild passion!
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